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Work with us

Work with us for a four (4) hour shift!
It’s tons of fun, and you’ll get first dibs at all of the NAME BRAND ITEMS AT BARGAIN PRICES! Check our Pre-Sale page to see your entry time to our Pre-Sale based on your amount of work shifts.

If you are a consignor who would like to work...

In order to earn an extra %, you can work with us. The maximum number of work shifts a consignor can have per sale is two (2) to qualify for 70% commission. The work shifts are four (4) hour shifts during the course of the event, which includes drop off and pickup times. Please logon to your consignor homepage and click on Work Shifts to see what shifts are available. Then, sign up to earn extra money toward your commission check. Each shift worked equals an extra 5% you can earn toward your commission with a maximum of two (2). If you need a light duty position, please email us at after you sign up for a shift. We will then make note of this special request.


If you are working during drop off appointments, please do not sign up for drop off appointments during your scheduled work time.

Register Today to Work!  Click on the buttons below to register and check the work schedule.

Deadline to register to work
Sunday, September 17th @ noon

Jennifer's thoughts on The Kids Closet Sale..."I have been shopping at The Kids Closet Sale since it was at the Lehighton Band Hall and Jim Thorpe Memorial Hall. I love the deals and everyone is always so pleasant.  Several years ago I started consigning and every sale I still get excited.  I learned over the years how to hang and present my items better to sell and just all around think it's amazing how this all comes together and apart in such a short amount of time with the help of committed people. I have three boys and they all have benefited from these sales over the years, as well as many friends and family members. I think what The Kids Closet Sale brings to the community is incredible."

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