Half Price Sale

Half Price Sale.jpg
Your Opportunity to Save & Sell Even More!​


On the final day of The Kids Closet Sale, we will hold our Half Price Sale on ALL items marked DISCOUNT: Yes.*
(If a price tag has "Discount: Yes" printed on it as shown in either tag example above, then that item is part of the Half Price Sale.)


Get last minute deals on some great, name-brand children's items at our Half Price Sale. Stock up and enjoy some extra savings!



* It is optional to have your items included for the 1/2 Price Sale.

At the Half Price Sale, all items stay on the sales floor, but shoppers come into the sale looking for the Discount: Yes on the tags. This is a last chance for the items that haven’t already sold. During the last four hours, hundreds of shoppers return looking for the half price deals.

CONSIGNORS, PLEASE NOTE: When entering your items into the computer system, please note whether or not you want your items sold during the Half Price Sale by checking the DISCOUNT box. If you do not want your items or a specific item sold for half price, then DO NOT check the box.

CONSIGNOR DONATIONS- You have the option to help your community by donating any of your items that do not sell during our sale. Donating is easy and optional...we handle everything for you! All you have to do is choose the option to DONATE when you enter your items.

Consignor Donation Instructions:

When entering your items into the system, you can check the box to have your items donated. This is optional just like the Half Price Sale. If you choose to donate your unsold items, you DO NOT have to come pick them up after the event. Immediately following our event, all donations are pulled aside, and then you as a consignor come and pick up your unsold items that were not marked donate. If you choose to donate all or some of your items that do not sell during the event, they will be donated to a local organization immediately after the event.


Jan's thoughts on The Kids Closet Sale..."I am grateful to have found "The Kids Closet Sale" and to have become part of a great big family with the many new friends I have made during the past 6 sales. Cleaning out twice a year really helps keep away the camera crew from that "Hoarders" show. Its amazing how much cash can be earned from items that are not being used and just taking up space in your house, and who couldn't use some extra cash these days? I love the fact that you can price your items without worrying about being in a yard sale situation, where the customers expect to pay no more than 25 cents for a shirt. One advantage of consigning is shopping the pre-sale with only a handful of other consignors and having a chance to buy all the great stuff before it goes on sale to the public. Don't hesitate to sell at the next sale, you won't regret it."