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Consign With The Kids Closet Sale


Clean Out! Have Fun! Make Money!

There Are A Lot of GREAT Benefits to Consigning

Make Money

While consigning with The Kids Closet Sale, you can make up to half, and in some cases even more, of the cost you had paid for your items in new condition from the store.

Shop Pre-Sale

As a consignor with The Kids Closet Sale, you will receive a pass to the Private Pre-sale to

shop a day earlier than the public

for the BEST selection of over

30,000 name-brand items!

Help Community

Help your local community by donating your unsold items. We handle everything on your behalf!

This is optional. Just mark your item(s) for donation if you wish

to participate.

Lots of Fun

It's exciting to recycle your items and make money. It is also lots of fun to MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY and new friends by working at our sale!

CLICK HERE to Find Out More!

Here Is How It Works...

We do ALL of the tedious the sale, advertising, stay with your inventory, and YOU BENEFIT!
Consigning is different than a yard sale. Even though, it takes time to clean, prep, hang and tag your inventory, you'll enjoy GREATER profits!


Commission Rates

Base commission rate is 60% profit and our maximum commission rate is 70%.

If you work at the sale, you can raise your profit rate and get into our

Private Pre-Sale earlier! We always welcome new workers!


  •  One (1) 4-hour work shift = 65% profit on all items sold.

  •  Two (2) 4-hour work shifts = 70% profit on all items sold.

All consignor checks can be picked up when picking up unsold items. You MUST register for a time to pick up your unsold items and pick up your check.

If you cannot pick up your check during this time allotted, please bring a self-addressed stamped envelope to your drop off appointment, and your check will be mailed within 1-2 weeks after the event.

Consignor Fee

There is a $15.00 consignor fee for registering payable by PayPal or by mail.  You may also drop it off to us at the Times News, 594 Blakeslee Blvd Drive West, Lehighton, PA 18235.


(There is a minimum of 15 items and a maximum of 300 items per consignor number/registration fee. You can extend your limit to 600 items if you pay another $15.00. If you have two consignor numbers, your commission is based on work shifts completed under one number or both.) This is a NON-REFUNDABLE fee used to help offset the cost of renting the event space and advertising.

If using PayPal, please click to return to our website after your payment is complete (see left side, middle or bottom of screen). If you don’t click this, your registration will be lost, but the payment will still go through.

Registration & Item Entry Deadline:
Sunday, September 17th @ noon

Consignor Process & Instructions:


1) CLICK HERE to register as a consignor & pay your fee(s) as stated under our consignor fee section above.

2) Immediately after your payment is received, you will receive your

consignor # (s) by e-mail. You can then click on CONSIGNOR LOGIN at the upper right-hand corner of any page on this website and enter your login credentials.

3) Schedule your drop off time (hour time slot to drop off your sale items), as well as any work shifts (if applicable).

4) Gather your inventory, clean it, check it for recalls (if applicable) and

inspect it for quality.


5) Enter all of your items using our convenient, online system.

From your consignor homepage, you create your inventory by adding the items you are planning to sell by clicking: Work with Consigned Inventory

and then click: Work with My Consigned Items. If it isn’t your first time consigning and you want to add items from a previous sale, click the button that says: Work with Inactive Inventory. The maximum number of items to consign is 300. If you have more than 300, you will have to contact us to

allow for more items under your existing consignor number. There is a $15.00 fee for every 300 items.

Entering items for Half Price Sale & For Donation

At the Half Price Sale, all items stay on the sales floor, but shoppers come into the sale looking for the Discount:Yes on the tags. This is a last chance

for the items that haven’t already sold. Hundreds of shoppers return looking for the half price deals.

When entering your items into the computer system please note whether or not you want your items sold during the Half Price Sale by checking the DISCOUNT box or donated by checking the DONATION box. If you do not want your items or a specific item sold for half price or donated then DO NOT check the box.

6) Print Out Your Tags: (MUST USE WHITE CARD STOCK). From your consignor homepage click: Work with Consigned Inventory and then click: Print All Tags or Print Selected Tags.


7) Hang and tag your items.

VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure to be mindful of our deadline date to enter items. After the deadline, you will no longer be able to make changes to your consignor inventory, sign up for drop off appointments or work shifts. However, you WILL be able to print tags after the deadline.


8) PICK UP ANY UNSOLD ITEMS during the last day of the sale and YOUR PROFIT CHECK! ***YOU MUST REGISTER FOR A PICK UP TIME. You will gather your own items and then check out.

Accepted Items
  • Name-brand, good quality (no stains or tears), gently-used or new items noted below.

  • Kids clothing, outerwear, shoes & accessories for infants to teens.

  • Maternity wear

  • Baby gear, equipment (such as: strollers, cribs, walkers, bouncy seats, high chairs), furniture

  • Halloween costumes

  • Toys (indoor & outdoor)

  • Games (all types including video - rated G and PG ONLY)

  • Videos for all ages-DVD &

        Blu-Ray - rated G or PG ONLY

  • Children's books &
    children's music CD's

  • Bikes & riding toys

Non-Accepted Items
  • NO undergarments unless NEW in package

  • NO stuffed animals unless they are licensed.

  • NO breast pumps

  • NO VHS Tapes

  • NO cribs with drop down sides

  • NO car seats or bases

  • NO broken, outdated, soiled or ripped items.

* The Kids Closet Sale reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any item(s) that does not meet our guidelines. You may resubmit a refused item if it has been thoroughly cleaned, mended or fixed.


Stephanie's thoughts about The Kids Closet Sale... “I’ve been shopping and consigning at the sale since my little girl was 6 months old! We LOVE The Kids Closet Sale. I always enjoy working it as well. The Kids Closet Sale was a savior for us once we found it and continues to be every year, twice a year!”

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